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Summer rainy season polyethylene floor protection mat rental business recruitment

Jul. 05, 2023

The rental business of polyethylene paving slabs in the rainy season is in the process of leasing and selling composite polyethylene paving slabs

When the rainy season comes, temporary projects usually face difficulties such as muddy road conditions, delays in construction, etc. Choosing our Shandong abosn polyethylene paving slabs to replace steel plates can effectively solve this problem, and are widely used in wind power, housing construction, oil drilling, municipal engineering, docks, etc. For temporary projects such as construction projects (complicated road conditions such as paddy fields and crop fields in Shashidi, Hongshidi, etc.), the introduction of the polyethylene paving slab is as follows:





Material: composite polyethylene (light, hollow), composite high molecular polyethylene (heavy)

1. Light weight, which is 1/7 of the density of steel plate, and convenient for quick disassembly and assembly (the transportation area of the same vehicle is 3 times that of steel)

2. Wear-resistant and anti-aging, long service life, corrosion-resistant and oil-resistant, non-absorbent and non-rot, absorbing noise, environmental protection and dustproof.

,3, High strength, strong load-bearing, good toughness, no deformation, continuous strong and no delamination, recyclable and reused

4. The raised anti-slip texture can increase friction, and the plates can be connected to each other to form a whole, which has the effect of anti-slip and anti-sinking. Compared with steel plates:

1. Light weight (saving labor, low transportation cost)

2. Non-slip and non-deformable (reboundable and non-stuck tires do not hurt people

3. No rust, environmental protection and dustproof, easy to clean and non-stick foreign matter

4. The slabs can be connected to each other, and the size can be large or small. The specification and size of the rental polyethylene paving slab: 3000*2500*37mm (other sizes can be customized)

If you want to know about the rental business and use cases of polyethylene paving slabs, please contact us

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